SALtech quality British made PVCu welding machines have been used to produce top quality doors, windows and conservatories for over ten years.
Currently 1,400 have been made for the PVCu industry.
The majority of these machines have been supplied through machinery retailers with many being exported worldwide.


  DEDICATED P.C. BOARD and all AIR PRESSURES are factory set reducing the need for input by the operator.
  MELT TIME ADJUSTABLE - to accommodate all profile sections.
  ADJUSTABLE KNIVES between 0.2mm and 2mm to suit all methods of fabrication.
  LINEAR BEARINGS - give smooth movement and accurate knife abutment.
  FULLY ENCLOSED HEATER PLATE when not activated, therefore saving on heat loss from external draughts, with less temperature variation.
  HEATER PLATE DESIGN is a continuous element, giving excellent reliability, a narrower plate and therefore easier fourth corner welding.
  SETTING PLATE is equipped with adjustable grubscrews to give either 5 or 6mm burn-off as required.

SALtech machines are now manufactured by Edgwick Sheetmetals Ltd, but with the technical back up and knowledge of the original designers who have been involved in the production of SALtech machines for over ten years.

SALtech machines can be specially modified and manufactured to customers specifications if required. Edgwick operate a comprehensive parts and after sales service.